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Separation, Divorce, Paternity

Are you having relationship problems? Would you like to reconcile or is your marriage irretrievably broken? Is having a conversation with civility difficult or simply impossible? Is divorce imminent? Despite the difficulty, would you like to be able to move on with your life quickly and in peace, and at low cost? If this is your situation, then MEDIATION is what you need.


Amicable Divorce

Amicable divorce is a quick and low cost alternative to litigation. You will get your divorce within weeks, instead of years of litigation and, in most cases, for less than 2K instead of tens of thousands wasted in attorneys’ fees and court costs. If you have children, you will be able to kick off your co-parenting on the right foot, with agreement and civility, for the kids sake and for your own peace of mind. Help us help you – everyone will be better off.

No attorneys needed!

We help divorcing parties go through the process of divorce in an as simple and as painless manner as possible – no attorneys needed.  Certified Family Mediators will help you reach an agreement, put it in writing and prepare all the paperwork you need to get your divorce ASAP.  Our goal is to resolve disputes, minimize conflicts, avoid litigation and make the process cost effective, short and simple.  Help us help you; Call or email us today for a free consultation.

Víctor Martínez Reyes M.A., PhD.

Founder & CEO of MyMediation.Org.

Hi, my name is Víctor Martínez Reyes I am a psychologist and a political scientist (with specialization in international relations). I have founded MyMediation.Org because I believe helping others live better lives is the best way of living our own lives. I have worked as a mediator/ peacemaker in the United States, Europe and Latin America. I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator (Family, Circuit Civil, Small Claims, and Dependency). I have helped thousands of couples and families resolve their family disputes, draft appropriate agreements and settle their legal disputes. Together with my mediator friends in Europe, Canada, the USA and Latin America we provide mediation services to individuals and corporations regardless of their location and in multiple languages. Ask us about our international and multilingual mediation and conflict resolution services. Personally, I mediate in English, Spanish and Polish. But, remember, with my co-mediators we can arrange mediation services in many other languages.

International and multilingual mediation

Location is not a problem, we provide mediation services via Zoom and teleconference. Do the parties prefer to communicate in different languages? Not a problem. Give us a call or send a message., +1 863 808 8585 We will get in touch with you immediately.

What is mediation?

Mediation is very well define in the law of most states in the US and in foreign countries. Mediators have an obligation to be neutral: they will not force you into making a decision, they cannot tell you what to do. In mediation it is up to the parties to decide the outcome – you remain in charge (in contrast of having a judge decide your life). The mediator will guide you with questions and may provide information, but you are de one making decisions. Mediators have to be impartial – they do not take sides, and have an obligation to disclose any potential conflict of interest that may threaten their impartiality. Mediators have to keep confidential  (secret) what ever information is disclosed to them (except when the law requires disclosure, for instance if a mediator learns that someone is going to commit a crime, in most jurisdictions this has to be reported). All our mediators are certified, trained and experienced in the overlapping fields of communication, psychology, anthropology and the law to help you resolve your dispute in a positive manner and to produce an agreement that is legally sufficient to resolve the legal questions.


If you have an open case in family Court, you may have been (or you will be) ordered by a judge to attend mediation.  In mediation, the parties will try to resolve their issues by mutual agreement.  In most cases, this is the smart thing to do for everyone. Nobody knows you and your situation better than yourself.  That’s the reason the Judge ordered you to attend mediation.  For the parties convenience, we can accommodate your mediation after hours or during weekends.  Just give as a call or send a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible. 


Paternity disputes are some of the most difficult cases in Family Court. If you have a paternity dispute – involving custody, parental responsibility, timesharing, child support, etc., you may use mediation instead of litigation (ideally before filing a petition or motion with the Court). Mediation has the goal of helping the parties resolve their differences and enter a legally binding agreement, without going through the pains and costs of litigation.  Remember that even if you are determined to fight for your rights in Court, you may be order by a judge to attend mediation.  Our Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators will help you fulfill the Court’s order and hopefully, reach an agreement with the other party that the Judge can ratify.


We are peacemakers; we help parties in distress, due to family conflict, reach agreements and resolve their issues.  As a result, the parties can move on with their lives in peace and harmony.  With us you will save thousands of dollars that otherwise you would spend in legal and court fees. You will avoid the pain and uncertainty of litigation, and will have a resolution, or at least a clear understanding of the parties positions in a matter of hours.  Litigation, even of minor issues, may take many months or years. All that time you will be suspended, waiting without knowing what the final determination by the judge will be.  In mediation, you may resolve your problems in hours, and it will be your decision – your agreement, not a decision made by a person that knows nothing about you, about the other party and your family.  We will schedule the mediation at a time that works for you.  The cost of mediation is a fraction of what you would have to pay if you would decide to fight the other party in Court.

We provide multilingual mediation services in Spanish, English and Polish.

Each mediator working with has mediated hundreds and some thousands of family cases.  We will put all this expertise at your service to end the dispute, the stress and costs (material, emotional and social) associated with family conflict.

Basic information. is based in the State of Florida and operates globally.  All mediators that work with us are Certified Mediators in their respective fields (family, circuit civil, county/small claims, dependency, appellate), they are neutral an impartial third parties that have the legal obligation to protect the confidentiality of the information that you share with them. 
In addition, we offer help to couples that want to create prenuptial agreements, or a marital agreements not associated with divorce, for example a reconciliation agreements.


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